I am a blackbelt

Just got it today, I so happpppy! Been a very long time coming.

Also, I lost the broadsword to a gatecamp I knew was there because I wanted to see how much damage I'd take before I died (43,484, if you must know) , and I was REALLY bored. In retrospect it was silly, because I'm now only 12 hours from gravy physics 4 anyways. Ah well.

I got EAS 5 and haven't flown a hyena yet with it, and I want to fly some ruptures again too. I'll get a broadsword later.

Epic Battle

Will write more later, dead tired. Suffice to say it was 2 hours long, nonstop. I only got about half an hour of it (work :\) but by my count (kills are still trickling in), it's 146 of them for 95 of us. We lost the field and two carriers, but that's a seriously epic battle. Note that people came back upwards of 4 times, so it's only about 90v80 (very roughly speaking).


Someone whined about me not updating, I almost have another broadsword. I'm sure I'll be happy to post of its destruction.

You better be happy now.

Look, isk!

Finally got around to making isk so I can buy new shineys (I've gotten pretty low on ships), but I'm hard-pressed for eve time right now. All my free time is at school, where eve won't work for a variety of reasons.

We Can Be Polycarb

Semms that's all anyone besides carriers we fight in the drone regions use anymore. Vagabonds, Ishtars, Ceptors, and dictors make up 95% of the hostiles I've seen lately. I guess our FCs are too good at what they do with BS.

Solo Kill

That's all. It's about time, too. Haven't gotten one of these in ages. Hawk pilot undocked in pod. Redocked (stupid instaredock stations). Undocked in Hawk, I go "wheeeeeeeeee!", I kill. Never got me below 60% shield.

I was camping the station for a different hostile that had docked earlier in an itty V. This was even better. \o/


Hyena vs Frigate

I threw out a challenge to some pirate on cad forums flying a crusader to fight my hyena, and I considered that with the hyena, my only worry in fighting a frigate solo is a malediction, ishkur, or a kitsune. Nothing else can even pretend to threaten me, besides possibly a hawk (harpy? the rails one) or wolf that got the drop on me.

would anyone like to dispute this?