Got a Hyena, figured it was a good enough reason to finally update this. It's amazing, in short. 18km web w/o Claymore, and with Cz's Claymore in gang, over 21km range, not to mention over 4km/s solo, nearly 6km/s with Cz.

It shines with a dictor or hactor in gang, because you can doubleweb and have a TP on which is actually noticeably effective in decreasing BS locking times and the gang reported slightly increased damage from turrets.

then I lost it and my pod by falling asleep.

Karate Screening

Had to bow out of my second screening for black belt just now. I'll be back in January. Until then, I'm closing my alt account, as well as several other financial cutbacks in order to save money for that time at which point I'll go on a LOA from work from halfway between first and second screenings until my exam.

Win, win, lose

It all works out in the end. I jumped into a crow/vaga camp in my Rupture. Crow came barreling in at me, so I barreled at him and he was webbed, scrammed, nosed, and neuted and dead before he could run off again. The Vaga ripped me up with his drones and CN widowmakers, but I deagressed and jumped the gate with 50 (!!) structure.

So then I want to dock and rep, but the only friendly station is guarded by that vaga. So we have a drake in system undock and warp to the gate as I jump in, the idea being to scare him away. Vaga does not run away, and instead he runs for the drake, with me sitting there holding my cloak. He runs directly past me, so I decloak, web, scram, nos, and neut. At this point the nighthawk and raven that jumped in after me were totally superfluous, but he did go down that much faster.

I then proceeded to lose the rupture by not paying attention to alliance and got caught by a ganksquad.

All three kills here.

Logs are fun. From them, we learn that:

  • The Crow lasted 20 seconds from my first gun activation till my last.
  • Counting only from when my autocannons started hitting, it's 15 seconds.
  • The Vaga lasted 30 seconds from my first gun activation to his last hit on me.
  • I lasted over 3.5 minutes against the Rapier, not counting the 13 seconds I was under fire from his 5 friends on the other side.
  • Ruptures are awesome.

Charlie Foxtrot

Only a small one, but...how'd we manage to do this? Seriously. I warped in after the fight started, cause I was on the other gate in case they ran. I heard someone had a point on the enemy Myrm so I went for it, went down pretty fast with me pouring quake into it. The mega raped our Myrms and then me, phoon jumped gate in deep structure. Don't think the arazu did much, fight was right on the gate. How did we lose, ffs?


..caused me to miss an amazing fight today (well, yesterday). Check out the battle report here. V got wiped. Also, to stave off the inevitable whines about capitals, V dropped a cyno but nothing jumped through. Their carrier pilots were even online.

Bah. :(


See the comment, though. Meh. And I have a spare (unkit) rupture already for one reason or another (I forgot by now).


Not that anyone reads this, but I'll be taking a short semi-leave while I figure out how to fit my hardest year in terms of homework, work, and eve together. I'll try and be active here/email/etc, but will have little time to rat or pvp in eve.


Nothing to do with eve, but I have to write this down somewhere. Had a dream that would be an awesome level in some fps. I didn't write this down right away, but I do remember plenty.

You have dual-wield energy pistols of some sort. You're chasing or being chased by something, and either way you get together and you win. But as you're gloating, the enemy beckons and a giant armored bug comes through a wall and kills the guy, starting to feed on him while approaching you. You know you can't kill it, so you begin to run.

A note about the bug -- wider than tall, heavily armored, but fairly fast. You can just barely outrun it, your main advantage is that you're in a darkish abandoned building that has plenty of doors in the halls.

The building isn't in disrepair except for the fact that there's nothing in it anymore. The walls look sort of like slate blue, smooth faced concrete. The hallways you're going through go down a ways straight, enter into an open area with other alls, but all of them are blocked in some way (only visible sign of real disrepair) except another one that goes down. this can either be right in front of you or turn you around 180, like a stairwell.

There are minor enemies in here that go down quickly to your pistols. They had some sort of ranged weapon, but it was bulky, hard to aim...and very powerful. They had little armor and went down fast. There were smaller buggers who were about half your size with a rounded back like the bug but were bipedal that would, if you did not kill them, jump on your back to slow you down but not damage you greatly. You had to slam them into a wall to get them to fall off and then shoot them to kill them.

I woke before the end, but I do remember one room that had some sort of showerhead and a way to jump up onto the wall behind you and then go up higher to a little slit to where you were before. I did this thinking I had found a way out, not realizing I had be there before, just as the bug was coming down that section. I didn't wait for it to pass and then go behind it, I think becasue it left something behind it that would kill me somehow...spawns or goo or something, can't remember. So I jumped back down thinking in my dream... "you're supposed to find that before!" (I guess I sorta knew I was playing a video game). I have a problem in real fps campaigns that I find secret entrances with ease (and I mean, virtually all of them)....after they're useful.

Also, I was human, no real armor (some sort of thick skinsuit) but the jump I made in the showerhead room was higher than a human..sort of deus ex style nanotech perhaps?

That's all I can recall, perhaps I'll try and draw a couple scenes I recall.


did the hail pop?


People amaze me. These two in particular. They tried to take my rupture on with two thrashers. Killed Carni, Mao got away. They tried to take my rupture on again, an hour later, in a t1 stabber and a thrasher. I killed Carni in the stabber, Mao got away. Mao came back solo in his thrasher after repairing the large amount of armor damage my drones gave him while I was shooting Carni, and I got his ship and pod. Let me explain how I did this.

Mao entered the two-gate system I was in from the gate I was not at. He warped to my gate. I locked him. He (wisely) did not engage, and jumped. Once on that side, he proceeded to slowboat in his ab/mwdless thrasher to the gate...when I had no aggro. I jumped through, quickly popped him, and then podded him with my 13-second locktime.

People boggle my mind.

Corporation management

As promised, here's a short guide to corporation management tools, such as they are.

First, the home tab (zomg): Everything here is pretty self-explanatory, with the exception of dividends. I'll explain how to give shares out later.

Members: despite all of the "role management" tabs and so forth, as far as I've ever been able to tell, you can't actually do anything here, just get lists sorted and cross-referenced in various ways..

..except in the titles tab, which allows you to make a title and grant whoever has that title a number of roles. For instance, you could set up the title "Rens worker", grant them the ability to take from wallet divsion 2 (the "rens division") as well as access at Rens BTT station to the BPO, materials, and communal divisons of the corp hanger. Then everyone who does manufacturing in Rens can be given the "rens worker" title (more on that later) and they get the ability to use wallet division 2 as well as access to the BPO and materials divisions in the corp hanger in Rens, without you needing to set this up for each person individually..which you can, and ignore this entirely.

The applicants tab is again very self-explanatory.

The wars tab allows you to keep track of wars. You can search and find out what another corp or alliance is fighting by selecting the other wars tab and searching.

The politics tab allows voting (shareholders only). Votes under "general vote" have no effect besides what you do with them. The other votes, if successful, do what they say.

I really have no idea what sanctionable actions is. Never had to deal with it.

Standings allows you to mark people, corps, or alliances with tags in local and your overview. Default setting have a dark blue + for entities with +5 standing or higher, light blue + for .1-4.9 inclusive, orange - for -.1-4.9 inclusive, and red - for -5 or lower. Note that other than the local and overview displays, this does not change anything. It is merely for conveniences' sake so you don't have to memorize the ticker for everyone you like/hate. Again, the game does NOT do anything more with this information than display it in local or on your overview. Note that this is the origin of NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) and NRDS (Not Red, Don't Shoot). NBSI is far more prevalent. Of 0.0 entities, only CVA and FDN that I know of practice NRDS.

Assets is a giant version of the same button for your personal assets. Items are impounded if you have a corp office, put things in the hanger, and then don't pay the fees. I'm really not sure offhand how to get them out.

Alliances is where you can create/manage an alliance. Note that it costs 1b and some skills to make an alliance, as well as a fee every month. Rankings will tell you the member count for any alliance, sortable by members, name, or ticker. Not really useful. I'm also not 100% sure on how to join an alliance, but you'd be able to track your application here. Members gives a list of other corps in the alliance you're in. Relationships is the same as the one under the politics tab, but for the entire alliance.

The corp wallet: bills are for alliance upkeep or office renting. Pay them or get owned.

Journal is the same as personal wallet journal. Sort by transaction type, date, and so on.

Shares allows you to monitor the shares of your corp, who has them, and how many, as well as distribute them. Shares are only used by the game for voting and dividends. Right click to give them to someone or get info on the owner.

Divisions allows you to keep different people in different parts of the wallet. For instance, you might name division 7 titan fund, and only allow you and your directors access. Other people would be able to see it and put money in, but not withdraw from it. You could also give only yourself and your directors access to the master wallet, and between you divvy out funds to your manufacturing divisions or different bases of operations.

Transactions, same as personal wallet. See what's been bought/sold, to/from whom, who authorized it, and what wallet division it went in.

Now, to grant roles you need to rightclick on a link to a member, either in corp chat or elsewhere, same as if you were going to shoot them a mail, and select "Edit Member?". There you can edit member's titles and roles, as well as set their base (to be used with roles) and give shares.

I realize how crappy this is, but it's what you're gonna get for now, as like I said, I haven't had to work with it much. I'm sure I know more, but I'm forgetting it for now. Such as what I just remembered...if you set someone to have the grantable role "take from wallet division 2" that person can set another person to have the ability to take from wallet division 2. You may be willing to let Bob have access to wallet division 2, because he won't do anything that won't be good for the corp, but he may not have the best judgment in other people, so you don't want him to have the ability to give that same access to anyone else who walks in.

Almost there & day 1 alliance tourny.

Just peeked at market prices, should be somewhere under 55m for both of my ruptures, but I need to pick up a boatload of hail m as well. Should be around 150m for new implants, then about another 200m for second muninn + fittings for both, which means I need to raise about 130m...blah. Wonder who I can extort from so I can stop ratting..

First day of the alliance tounry was good. Great muninn showing by outbreak followed by ruptures from nmtz, my old alliance. The most exciting match besides the muninns was the misslespam at the end, which really says something..

Oh, and NMTZ is a minmatar RP alliance that fights CVA, Eris/Angel.

Allaince Tourny to watch tourny/links for matches.


Made about 70m isk in bounties over several hours, but I have 6100m3 of loot to sell, will do that later tonight when it gets quieter..I wonder if I couldn't go the long way and get around any nastiness..but I haven't been around there in ages, dunno what it's like.

Oh well, should easily have enough to grab another rupture and fittings for the muninn while I wait on my petitions. Need to keep enough around to replace my implants if those aren't reimbursed. Need to stop ratting and start missioning so I can get more rf ammo, but I'll do that after I have the second muninn kitted, and the petitions resolved. Should be able to do that Sunday or so.


Well, I figured since I was burning time reading the other 4 eve blogs, I'd spend some of that dropping stuff in here.

Currently I'm out-waiting a stationcamp so I can go smash some rats with my muninn. Then if Wilhelm agrees, I'll go help him shoot up missions in my wolf or something.

Also, this is my old blog, but I deleted the old posts, as interesting a look into 2 years ago as they were.