Almost there & day 1 alliance tourny.

Just peeked at market prices, should be somewhere under 55m for both of my ruptures, but I need to pick up a boatload of hail m as well. Should be around 150m for new implants, then about another 200m for second muninn + fittings for both, which means I need to raise about 130m...blah. Wonder who I can extort from so I can stop ratting..

First day of the alliance tounry was good. Great muninn showing by outbreak followed by ruptures from nmtz, my old alliance. The most exciting match besides the muninns was the misslespam at the end, which really says something..

Oh, and NMTZ is a minmatar RP alliance that fights CVA, Eris/Angel.

Allaince Tourny to watch tourny/links for matches.

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