Win, win, lose

It all works out in the end. I jumped into a crow/vaga camp in my Rupture. Crow came barreling in at me, so I barreled at him and he was webbed, scrammed, nosed, and neuted and dead before he could run off again. The Vaga ripped me up with his drones and CN widowmakers, but I deagressed and jumped the gate with 50 (!!) structure.

So then I want to dock and rep, but the only friendly station is guarded by that vaga. So we have a drake in system undock and warp to the gate as I jump in, the idea being to scare him away. Vaga does not run away, and instead he runs for the drake, with me sitting there holding my cloak. He runs directly past me, so I decloak, web, scram, nos, and neut. At this point the nighthawk and raven that jumped in after me were totally superfluous, but he did go down that much faster.

I then proceeded to lose the rupture by not paying attention to alliance and got caught by a ganksquad.

All three kills here.

Logs are fun. From them, we learn that:

  • The Crow lasted 20 seconds from my first gun activation till my last.
  • Counting only from when my autocannons started hitting, it's 15 seconds.
  • The Vaga lasted 30 seconds from my first gun activation to his last hit on me.
  • I lasted over 3.5 minutes against the Rapier, not counting the 13 seconds I was under fire from his 5 friends on the other side.
  • Ruptures are awesome.

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