Got a Hyena, figured it was a good enough reason to finally update this. It's amazing, in short. 18km web w/o Claymore, and with Cz's Claymore in gang, over 21km range, not to mention over 4km/s solo, nearly 6km/s with Cz.

It shines with a dictor or hactor in gang, because you can doubleweb and have a TP on which is actually noticeably effective in decreasing BS locking times and the gang reported slightly increased damage from turrets.

then I lost it and my pod by falling asleep.


Genda Silverspike said...


You have to quit falling asleep at the keyboard. It's gonna cost you billions.

Alasseo said...

Already has, over time. I just recently lost a muninn to falling asleep. That ended up dieing to gaterats in lowsec, no less. yeah.

I lost the braodsword to enemy action while I was awake, at least.