Nothing to do with eve, but I have to write this down somewhere. Had a dream that would be an awesome level in some fps. I didn't write this down right away, but I do remember plenty.

You have dual-wield energy pistols of some sort. You're chasing or being chased by something, and either way you get together and you win. But as you're gloating, the enemy beckons and a giant armored bug comes through a wall and kills the guy, starting to feed on him while approaching you. You know you can't kill it, so you begin to run.

A note about the bug -- wider than tall, heavily armored, but fairly fast. You can just barely outrun it, your main advantage is that you're in a darkish abandoned building that has plenty of doors in the halls.

The building isn't in disrepair except for the fact that there's nothing in it anymore. The walls look sort of like slate blue, smooth faced concrete. The hallways you're going through go down a ways straight, enter into an open area with other alls, but all of them are blocked in some way (only visible sign of real disrepair) except another one that goes down. this can either be right in front of you or turn you around 180, like a stairwell.

There are minor enemies in here that go down quickly to your pistols. They had some sort of ranged weapon, but it was bulky, hard to aim...and very powerful. They had little armor and went down fast. There were smaller buggers who were about half your size with a rounded back like the bug but were bipedal that would, if you did not kill them, jump on your back to slow you down but not damage you greatly. You had to slam them into a wall to get them to fall off and then shoot them to kill them.

I woke before the end, but I do remember one room that had some sort of showerhead and a way to jump up onto the wall behind you and then go up higher to a little slit to where you were before. I did this thinking I had found a way out, not realizing I had be there before, just as the bug was coming down that section. I didn't wait for it to pass and then go behind it, I think becasue it left something behind it that would kill me somehow...spawns or goo or something, can't remember. So I jumped back down thinking in my dream... "you're supposed to find that before!" (I guess I sorta knew I was playing a video game). I have a problem in real fps campaigns that I find secret entrances with ease (and I mean, virtually all of them)....after they're useful.

Also, I was human, no real armor (some sort of thick skinsuit) but the jump I made in the showerhead room was higher than a human..sort of deus ex style nanotech perhaps?

That's all I can recall, perhaps I'll try and draw a couple scenes I recall.

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