People amaze me. These two in particular. They tried to take my rupture on with two thrashers. Killed Carni, Mao got away. They tried to take my rupture on again, an hour later, in a t1 stabber and a thrasher. I killed Carni in the stabber, Mao got away. Mao came back solo in his thrasher after repairing the large amount of armor damage my drones gave him while I was shooting Carni, and I got his ship and pod. Let me explain how I did this.

Mao entered the two-gate system I was in from the gate I was not at. He warped to my gate. I locked him. He (wisely) did not engage, and jumped. Once on that side, he proceeded to slowboat in his ab/mwdless thrasher to the gate...when I had no aggro. I jumped through, quickly popped him, and then podded him with my 13-second locktime.

People boggle my mind.

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